A window inside life at Augustana College

As we enter the last bend of summer

I can not believe that summer is coming to a fast end! I move-in in 21 days. 21 days left of summer. I can not believe it! 3 weeks and then I will be moving into Andreen! I was so happy to find out my roommate and where I will be staying, even if Andreen wasn’t my first pick it is still great! I move in the 14th for Multicultural Orientation, I am hoping it is fun! Many people have been posting on the Facebook group that it is worth it, I just can’t wait to get on campus! 

Yesterday there was an event at the local Container Store by my house, for College students, and it was crazy! So many people there. The line wrapped around the whole store almost! I was glad to get some of the Dorm stuff while there for 20% off, but the waiting in line was kind of ridiculous if you ask me! I feel like every time my mom and I go shopping for dorm stuff I am out of my element. I have no idea what I am going to need, or if I would actually use some of the things on all of the “College Checklists” they have out there… 

Well thanks for listening! Go Dreen Team! lol 


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