A window inside life at Augustana College

Four Weeks

Twenty nine days (to be exact).  696 hours.  41,760 minutes.  No matter which way I put it, the time until I move in seems like forever, yet too close for comfort.


I’m currently writing this from my brand new laptop, and I’m just beyond excited.  I find out who I will room with by Friday (which is two days).  My living room has been taken over by all the junk I have so far bought for my room–not to mention the mini fridge that is sitting in the garage right now.  It doesn’t seem real at all; since when was I old enough to be going to college?  Either way, twenty nine days will fly by. I will have to say goodbye to my babies at the church I work at.  I will have to say goodbye to my buddy Conor, who I am having such a blast watching.  I will have to say goodbye to my family, which honestly sounds quite lovely right now.  I will have to say goodbye to my baby, Howie, who only likes me for food, but whatever.  Thinking about all of this makes me feel sad, terrified, and anxious, but I then realize that my whole life is beginning to open up before my eyes, and that makes me feel incredible.  I’m ready to be a Viking!

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