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Tips & tricks for your first year of college

I was going to blog about my internship, when I stumbled upon the freshman (okay, fine, first-year) summer connection blogs. Which prompted this blog post. I know when I was just entering Augustana, I looked online for anything that might have advice about how to survive my first year. Well, this is the culmination of everything I have learned, in no particular order.

  1. 3M is going to be your best friend in a dorm room. From hooks to hang up jackets to stickies to hang up posters, buying 3M is a must. Yes, they are expensive, but you can always reuse the hooks and buy more stickies.
  2. Try new things! From trying new food, to going to new places, to making friends with people you wouldn’t in high school – college is all about expanding your horizons.
  3. Don’t forget to bring an ethernet cable – I definitely forgot one when I was a first-year.  And buy some flip-flops. They’re necessary in the shower.
  4. Find some quiet place on campus that you can use to study. In a dorm room, your bed and study area will be in the same place, which means you will be tempted to take a nap when you told yourself you’d be studying. Been there, done that.
  5. Save your PE credits for your junior or senior year. When you’re stressed out about your hard upper level classes, you’ll get to go de-stress for an hour in badminton (or bowling, ballet, golf, etc).
  6. Go to Cool Beanz, La Ranch, Lincoln Park – explore as much as possible.
  7. All you need to make new friends? A smile.
  8. Eat out at least once a month. Your stomach will thank you.
  9. Always back up your files. Save your word documents after every two sentences.
  10. Take your laundry out as soon as it’s done. No one likes that kid who leaves their clothes in the washer for an hour – and they may end up on top of the washer. This is how clothes are lost.

Blog on my internship at WGN Radio coming up within the next week or so!

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  1. I love your list of tips and tricks. So practical. So true.

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