A window inside life at Augustana College

Starting New

It’s a little weird not being in High School anymore. I would be watching TV and suddenly remember that I am not an High School-er, I’m in college now. Now that some of my days are extremely busy and others are extremely boring I have been getting used to this new-found freedom of stupid busy work and other annoying things that go along with high school. Of course the real realization will come in the fall when I move in to Augie and start my classes. I won’t be going to the same amount of classes everyday, following the same schedule, taking the same boring classes, and seeing the same people from the beginning to the end of the year- let’s just say I am done with High School. Although I am going to miss all of my friends, it is our time to start something new. We all have this whole new world open to us! Although there is some bad in it, there is some good too and that’s what I’m looking for. I know Augustana is gonna be a great step to to use on my ongoing journey and I am so excited to get there!!

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