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Summer Connection

Hello all! 

I am so excited to write my first blog post about Augustana! 🙂 I had summer connection today and it was such a blast! The ice breaker questions that the peer mentors asked were pretty funny and made you think, that’s for sure! I am so glad to have met quite a few of my fellow classmates, and it makes me even more excited to start in the fall! (Even if I am still nervous!)

I don’t know if it was just me, but I felt like I took forever on my registration process, I literally had no idea what I wanted to do coming into the process, and now I am taking acting! I am a pretty shy person naturally, and acting really wasn’t my thing. Or so I thought! The advisor in our room talked to me about it, and told me that her daughter went through and got her Communication, Science and Disorder’s degree and it would help if I worked with little kids to get them interacting. I never would have thought of it that way before, and I am glad that I signed up for it! 🙂

I can not wait to get to know more and more of you personally, and Facebook is such a wonderful thing! I feel like I know people, and it makes it easier when it comes to the fall instead of going in empty handed! Now we just have to wait to find out who our roommates are, hope you have a great summer! 🙂 


Me on my way out of Augustana!


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  1. So weird to look back at this! We’re so less nervous, plus acting is waaaay cooler than we thought! Not so scary anymore. (:

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