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Summer Connection!

From the ice-breaker to the ice cream today was a blast! And to top it off, nothing/nobody was even remotely as scary as I was prepared for 🙂

In the morning everyone seemed just as nervous and awkward as I was but all it took was sitting next to someone and simply saying “Hi, I’m Rebecca” followed by the questions that were asked maybe 4oo times. Where are you from? What do you want to study? Do you play sports? Funny enough, most of the time I had nothing in common with the other person but that didn’t stop anyone from sharing thoughts on the colleges or the fear of getting a crazy room mate. Everyone seemed fun and it was a relief to get to know more people face to face before arriving in the fall.

And aside form meeting a bunch of great people we also learned some useful stuff as well. We talked and learned about how to coordinate with your roommate, how to use the webadvisor to register for classes, and we also created our emails.  It was fun stuff (not as fun as the ice cream though).

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