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Augustana: Making the world a little bit smaller

Who do you run into when you are 932 miles away from Augustana? Your communications advisor of course! To start off my summer, I visited friends I made in DC last year. We traveled from DC to Maryland to Pennsylvania to Delaware. While we were in visiting Philadelphia for the day, I met up with former Augustana Observer A&E editor Hannah Johnson, who was in Philly for a conference. When we were sitting and chatting, my advisor Dr. Klien came in to the same Philly cheesesteak place we were at. He was attending the same conference Hannah was but just happened to walk into the same place we decided to meet. Augustana College – making the world smaller, no matter where you go. 

While we were in Philly, we saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. It’s incredible seeing where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were debated. 

On Memorial Day, we visited Gettysburg. It’s surreal thinking how 150 years ago, these fields were the background of the Civil War. After we drove around the battlefields, we saw the Gettysburg Memorial Day parade. It was really cool seeing everyone dressed up in Civil War uniforms. It was super hot out though, so I don’t know how they weren’t passing out!

Overall, I had a fantastic nine days on the East Coast. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to start my summer. It’s incredible that an entire year has passed since we were all in D.C. This past year has gone by too fast. But I am looking forward to an incredible summer interning at WGN Radio in Chicago! I’m not sure if I will update much this summer – if not, I will see you all in the fall!

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