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Top 5 reasons I love WAUG

This is probably my second to last post before I head off for the summer, which makes me really sad. As promised though, here is my top five reasons I love being involved with WAUG:

1) You will always know someone who is just as stoked as you are that your favorite band just came out with a new album.

2) Friends from home miss your voice? Can’t afford to call them all the time? Why not have them call into your radio show? You’ll look cool (since you have callers on your radio show) and you get to chat with them about how their life is going.

3) Not only does WAUG do radio but we also do sports broadcasting.

4) WAUG has a weird collection of people. I honestly can say we are a weird spectrum of students who were all pulled in together by one thing we had in common – our love for music. Some of my friends I probably wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for WAUG.

5) There’s no other place (maybe besides the Observer) where I can just be myself and share my passions with the world (okay, my listeners).

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