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Preparing for finals!

This has been such a busy last month that I haven’t had time to blog.  This past week I had 2 presentations (both on Friday and back-to-back) and a response paper (also due on Friday!).  But the countdown to summer 2012 is down to 4 days! 🙂  I cannot believe my junior year is almost over and in 5 days I will packing up my apartment and moving home.  The end of the year always brings mixed feelings.  I’m always excited to be home for 3 months and spend time with my family and high school friends but I hate being away from my Augie friends.

But, here’s what I’ll be doing this summer:

  • working in the Communication and Marketing Office at Augie…I’m really excited!
  • spending time with my family 🙂
  • sleeping!
  • hanging out with my friends!
  • visiting my brother in West Virginia! 🙂

Well, I need to get back to writing my paper and studying for finals!  Wednesday at 2:00 I’ll be a senior!!  Ahhh!!!!

Until next time,


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