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Top 5 reasons I love the Augustana Observer

1) As you can tell from this picture, we are a crazy group of kids. I honestly didn’t know what I was getting into when I said I’d be the opinions editor but I don’t regret it for a second.

2) You get to meet some really cool people, both within and outside the office. Everyone has a story – with the help of the Augustana Observer, I get to find out what makes a certain person unique, which I probably wouldn’t find out otherwise.

3) I get to layout a page of people’s opinions on global and local issues. Where else can students get paid for expressing their opinions?

4) We get to present controversial things going on around campus and let student’s draw their own opinions on the subject, both within the opinions section, but also in our news section. There are so many administrative things that I wouldn’t know was going on without the Augustana Observer. We’re basically a platform to spur discussion. (However, this discussion never seems to really make its way to Letters to the Editor…)

5) If you want to go into anything that deals with writing, join your school paper! All the interviewers I’ve met have been super impressed that I have clips of my writing.


Next week, look forward to a blog about SAI formal and the top things I love about WAUG!

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