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Registered for senior year classes. Say what?

Last Friday marked the first day of the lasts – I registered for my last Fall term ever. Despite this sad fact, I got all the classes I wanted! I am taking:


8:30am– COMM451: SI – Traditional Research

12:30am–POLS301: Parties & Politics

3:30pm–HEPE133: Ballet

5:45pm–MUEN403: Concert Band

Additional classes with no set times yet

POLS390: Research Practicum

MULS400: Oboe

MJMC SI: Internship with WGN Radio from over the summer!


It’s crazy…I am most likely not taking any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday classes ever again, since all the classes I need to take are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s weird to think about: next year – I will be a senior. Gah.

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