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Leslie’s Log, entry 24: it’s late, so I’ll be brief

What is going on in Leslie’s mind in less than 400 words:

Who: Leslie Carranza; the ladies (and some gentlemen) of Seminary; prominent peeps in my LSFY class; my mom; AfroReggae.

What: pain… and the fact that I cut metal for the first time ever; the flood that struck, the teamwork that cleaned it up and the slumber party that followed; my first draft of this paper that I’m putting off; the talks we have about family, culture, and sometimes the unmentionables (like religion, politics, and fight club); a really moving music group meant to keep young people from organized crime.

Where: my shoulders and just about everywhere else, especially little spots where sparks landed on my skin; the 3rd floor of Seminary, then friend’s room; sitting in class watching The Namesake; on our car rides to home and back to Augie; originally from favelas (slums in Brazil) and depicted in Favela Rising.

When: all of the day and all of the night… and the morning of Wednesday, April 18th!; approximately 1 am on Sunday, April 15th until 3 pm; Tuesday, April 17th from 12:30 – 2:20pm; potentially this approaching Saturday morning, then Sunday evening?; I watched the movie Wednesday, April 18th, but the group began in 1993

Why: most of what I’ve been eating/drinking is snack food and/or has caffeine.. also I’ve never cut metal with a chop saw before, so this is a pretty big deal; the teamwork really brought together most of the residents and some honorary Seminarians as we had to round up all our recycling bins and toss buckets of rainwater out of the kitchen and bathroom windows, not to mention that the last time I had an eventful sleepover with friends (not family) happened some time last summer; this is the first class I’ve had at Augie in which I feel that the professor is genuinely concerned for the well-being of the participants and that we can all have a discussion without feeling pressured; my mom and I don’t have conversations of much substance whenever I’m home, but it seems as though the open road and a 3 1/2 hour drive provides a way for us to bridge that gap; AfroReggae started with a man’s choice to not avenge the death of his innocent brother, but to raise awareness of what is going on in favelas and to keep youth from carrying on that lifestyle.

How: I’m tired and this has been a rather busy week.

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