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So I couldn’t figure just one topic for this post to be about, so I decided to combine all my posts into one!

  • This past Friday, I was able to be a moderator for the Student Government presidential debate. There are three candidates and this has been one of the most intense races I have seen in my three years here. I had a blast moderating though, even if some of the questions I had weren’t answered by the candidates. It will be interesting to see how this race turns out.
  • I really loving being a communications major. The professors are so nice and understanding. We had a comm major meeting this week and it was a very reassuring. I for sure picked the right major as one of my three.
  • I am really obsessed with the Hunger Games. If you haven’t already please read the series and then go see the movie. I have never been this excited to see a movie again. Who wants to go with me?
  • My roommate and I get to interview Jeremy from the band Mayday Parade on our radio show. I shall for sure blog about that later. I am stoked!!
  • I didn’t win the lotto this time – but I did learn how to cook pasta this past weekend 🙂
  • I have three interviews (possibly four) over Easter Break. I really need an internship over the summer, otherwise I will have to take my senior inquiry research project during the year for MJMC and I would much rather do it based on an internship. Cross your fingers someone wants me!
  • I’m also obsessed with the song Call Me Maybe  and the fact that Titanic is coming out in 3D. If they had a midnight premiere here, I’d be all over that.
  • It feels good to laugh so hard you cry.
  • I would not be the same person without my involvement in the Observer or WAUG. I kind of love all the people involved in these organizations. They’ve kind of become like a family.
  • Bought my Warped Tour tickets. Summer can’t come soon enough.
  • After May 20th I’m officially considered a senior in college. Where the heck did the last three years go?!?!

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