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Spring Break 2012

I promised you guys a blog about the adventures I had with my friend from Sweden over spring break, so here it goes!

Tess arrived on February 22nd and after a short plane delay our adventures had begun!  It was so nice to be together after about 8 months apart.  I have no idea how she stayed up until midnight our time (7a.m. Sweden time!) that first night.

Instead of telling you what we did every day I’ll give you the highlights:

– John Deere Pavilion (never even heard of John Deere before coming to the Q.C.!)

– Los Agaves (my favorite mexican restaurant)

– Shopping at Marshall’s, Target, the mall

– A trip to the library (to buy super cheap books and rent a movie)

– Dinner with Pastor Priggie (he was our leader in Taize)

– Dinner with my parents and brother (thanks for the wonderful meal, Mom!)

– Church (she loved all of the stained glass windows in it!)

– Lunch at Cool Beanz

– And the highlight of the trip….CHICAGO!!  I don’t know when the last time was that I had been to Chicago so I was pretty pumped 🙂









It was a great week spent laughing and catching up each others life.  I even learned something about Tess:  She loves to shop!!  Seriously, this girl can shop.  She had to buy a new carry-on bag just to fit all of the stuff she bought (including 7 paris of shoes!).  I was sad to see her leave but I know she was very excited to show everyone back in Sweden what she bought 🙂

I’ll leave you with the picture we took at lunch the day she was leaving…

I can’t wait to go to Sweden one day to visit her!

Until next time,


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