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A fantastic birthday

The number of this blog post could not be anymore appropriate. Last Tuesday, I celebrated my 21st birthday, which is the number of this blog. I honestly could not have asked for a better day! Though I didn’t have one of those wild 21st birthdays Hollywood portrays in the movies, I honestly didn’t want that. What I had was 1000x better. 
We started off the day at midnight with a cake. The only classes I had for the day was badminton and my oboe lesson, which was super nice. The weather was also fantastic for my birthday. It was like 80 degrees! Then I had the first day of band for the term. We have three conductors while our regular conductor is on sabbatical, which is a little weird. After that, I had Student Government Association. Then I finally got to have dinner at Ribco! Ribco is this restaurant and bar that has $2.50 burger baskets if you buy any drink. Since it was my birthday, two of my roommates agreed to go with me. It was such a nice birthday!

Even though I didn’t think anything could top that, the weekend of my birthday did. On Friday I went to a Daughtry concert at the iWireless Center with a friend. We had floor seats, which was awesome! It was a small venue, so every seat was a good seat, for the most part. Except security wouldn’t let me stand on my chair, even though we were all the way in the back row and not blocking anyone, which was a bummer since I am short. Short people standing in the back of a crowd doesn’t work out too well. So they hadn’t played my favorite song Life After You, when they played the “last” song. Daughtry had said he was feeling sick, so it was only about an hour. I was upset. But then, a security guard came over to us and said we could move up to the front to get some good pictures when Daughtry came out for the encore. The security guard took us to the SECOND ROW! It was incredible. I went from disliking the security guards there to loving them, all within an hour. Though Daughtry never sang my favorite song, I still I had an awesome Friday!

Then on Saturday, friends from out of town came to celebrate my birthday. The girl in the picture on the right is Nicole – I was so glad she was able to come vist! We had a small get-together with some close friends from Augustana and I had a lot of fun. People associate college with big wild parties but that is just a stereotype. Nothing is more fun than having all your close friends all in one place. I could not have asked for a better weekend or better friends (they let me get the front seat of the car pretty much all week – you can’t get better friends than that)!

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