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It WILL work this time!

By that, I mean my focus this term. For whatever reason, there is a mental block I’ve had at the beginning of each term, mostly when having to focus on what needs to be done for classes.

These are the contributing factors to my new found confidence:

  1. Most of my friends are pledging. My main problem last term was not being able to find “my library,” a place where I can study in peace. I spent most of my time in places where distractions were plentiful, mostly because of my peers. With almost everyone busy, now I have next to no social life! Oddly enough, this is a major advantage.
  2. Only 3 academic classes! PSHEEEAAH Square & Folk Dance (though if all has gone well, I’ve replaced it with Social Dance) and Cantilena don’t really count to me.
  3. An abundance of extra cash(?) The total my paychecks amount to is more than I have ever had in my checking account at one time! How that may contribute to my attention span, I can’t explain, but it gives me peace of mind :]
  4. Skwinkles + Ramen = new diet!I have decided to refrain from eating meat of any kind (unless eggs count). Granted, I’m not counting chicken broth, but putting together meals has been an eye-opening experience. Mushrooms aren’t as bad as I once thought. As for Skwinkles, my mother was kind enough to buy me a box of my favorite candy, which is from Mexico. I used to buy them all the time whenever I visited with my family.


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