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This week’s obsession

Not sleep! Whoa. Though it probably should be on account of finals… NAH (I may regret this come monday ._.)

I recently stumbled upon rainymood.com (not through stumbleupon, but brotips :]), which is basically just continuous rain. It’s rather lovely.

While on the site, it recommends a song to play while listening to the rain. When I first visited, it suggested I play Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know; it ended up on my radio show the following day by choice of my co-host. I started obsessively looking up more of his music, most of his videos consisting of animations, often verging on Pink Floyd The Wall quality (Hearts A Mess specifically). One of his cooler ones, or at least in my opinion, would be State of the Art. I may even try buying his music. Somehow…

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