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Letter #4: Dear Mama,

Letter #4
February 9th, 2012 (Present)
Dear Mama,
I am glad that I got to see you last weekend, and I am even more hurt that we got bad test results back and know that the situation is worse that we had thought. Despite that, however, I am feeling more confident than ever that we will beat this!
This week has been pretty sucky, its week 10 and homework is piling up, but I will get it all done. I went to SGA on Tuesday to request funding for our Habitat for Humanity Spring Break Trip, but got an email that night saying that we got $0 funded, since they have almost run out of money. This has come as a huge shock, since they normally have a lot more left and we have never gotten $0, but I was able to send some emails that night, and found $4,000 to fund our trip by 4pm the next day. So, our budget is tight, but we’ll make it work. I have to go back to SGA though and try to get some of that money back to repay part of the $4,000. I am so glad that the CEC and Darrin Good are helping us out, at least as a loan until we can pay back as much as possible. I am hopeful for the genetics test results when we get them back in a few weeks, and cannot wait to see you. I am debating on going home for 2 days before we leave for our trip, but I have not decided yet. I am also sorry that I did not text you back, my phone died mid-response and I still haven’t charged it. I will try to write here as much as possible for you!
I love you mom always and forever,
Your Son

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