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Letter #3: Dear Mama,

Letter #3:
January 28th, 2012
Dear Mama,
Today is the day of Dance Marathon! It is very exciting and I hope that it all goes really well. I am pretty tired since I stayed up all night Thursday studying for my accounting test, but it was worth it, since I got 100% on it! I also was in PepsiCo last night for 6 hours setting up for today’s big event. 

The day is off to a good start, we have everything set up and done, registration will be starting pretty soon, I hope everyone has a good time!

Everyone is here, and there are a LOT of people, a lot more that we ever hoped. we just did our opening ceremony and preformed our morale dance, which everyone seemed to love and introduced all our miracle families, who also seem like they are having a great time.

We are about half way through our event now, and I am so excited that everyone is having a great time at the event. Some people have left, but they all are loving the games and activities that we have set up. The kids are also having a blast playing with everyone and all of the activities that Amy has set up for them. Mostly the event has been running smoothly, at least since we worked out how theme hours are presented.

There is about two left, we just finished eating, and a lot of people have left by now, since they weren’t required to stay the whole time, but at least they enjoyed it since they were here. I’m glad it’s almost over, my feet are starting to hurt.

We are just about done, and have just gotten through the power hour. It was pretty fun with how dark we got it to be with the lights and the mix. Just one more family store, a dance performance and then we find out how much we made!

The event is finally over, and it only took about an hour to clean up the entire thing! We raised over $11,000 for the kids and had an amazing event. I’m kind of sad it is over, but I know we’ll be planning next years event pretty soon!

I hope everything is going alright with you, and I cannot wait to come home next weekend to see you!

I love you mom always and forever,

Your Son

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