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bye bye winter term

Okay, so 3 things:

1. Sorry on the realz because I have not been blogging very often lately. I’ve been busy. Let’s leave it at that.

2. I’m drinking hot chocolate right now and it’s freaking delicious.

3. I can’t believe winter term is over!!!!!!!!!

I thought winter term was going to drag on so much because of all the breaks we have, but it seems like only yesterday when I walked into my classrooms for the first time… *reminisces*

I cannot believe I am nearly done with 2 terms of college already. So crazy!!! I unfortunately do not have any big plans for spring break, however. I plan on sleeping and relaxing mostly. 🙂

I just have to get through my finals first!!

Good luck on finals everyone and have an awesome break!!! 😀

<3, Jess

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