A window inside life at Augustana College

College and Stages

This is you. This is me. We are in college in this hypothetical world of the “Yous”. College is a crazy time. It’s supposedly the best time in our lives. Right around the last week before finals, however, it feels more like the death of me. Now, throughout this “lengthy” year and a half that I’ve been here, I’ve noticed certain stages we go through. These are delicate, exciting, sometimes nauseating stages that will at one point in these week 10 blues make people consider gouging out their eyes for the sake of having a reason to say, “Uh, Professor, sorry I couldn’t do those three projects you had due on the same day. Have you seen the movie “The Birds”? It’s sorta like that, and now I have no eyes.” Let’s begin:

Freshman: Your freshman year, you’re so excited with all the new things around you and all the different people you meet that you can sometimes find yourself overwhelmed. Add that with a massive new workload that you rarely had in high school (“90 pages to read in one night?”) and you find yourself in a bubble of the holy craps. You learn how to manage though, and typically speaking, you do pretty much okay (and probably much better than you were expecting). You find yourself at the end of the year thinking, “You’ll be okay, kid.”

Sophomore Year: So as a Sophomore presently, I have to say, Sophomore year is probably the best year (though maybe I’m just bias). You aren’t a silly smelly freshman anymore. You have mastered the art of college. You are a jedi. Who cares about school? you can totally skip a few readings here and there. Psh, what is this thing called “studying” when the weekends come around? You do all that on the weekdays! Stay out late on a school night? Why not, you only need 3 hours of sleep, right? You’ll be fine. You still live in the dorms – your comfy little cocoon. Everything is awesome. Wait… what’s that? Finals? OH GOD NO!!! (You study yourself into a coma, yet manage to fall in this trap three trimesters in a row).

Junior Year: WHY DID I FOOL AROUND SO MUCH LAST YEAR? Gotta study, gotta study, gotta study! Ahhhh!

Senior Year: FUUUUUUU-

Yes, school is tedious. Sometimes I wish I could just go to a college that acted like a summer camp and I could just get a double major in playing video games and being awesome, though life is a cruel mistress. Regardless, I have to believe that deep down, when all is said and done and you have that shiny plaque, you can look back at that time in college and think, “I did alright”.

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