A window inside life at Augustana College

So who is Tommy Treadway?

So who is Tommy Treadway? To most it is just a library, but to us Augie students, Tommy Treadway is much more than that! I remember hearing that once in college, I would never leave the library. During the first term of college I avoided the library. I preferred to get my work in done in my room. The only place of the library in which I ever spent time in was the on the outside steps. That is the perfect place to read! Peaceful, quiet, and it has a great view! Unfortunately, this didn’t last very long because it got too cold to be outside.
Winter term I realized that being in my room all the time was not such a good idea. Sometimes I just wanted to get away for a little while. I remember someone telling me to never do homework in my room because the dorm room should be a student’s get away spot.
I started going to the library and I was surprised at how much work I could get done! I actually even concentrated more than by just being in my room. Now it seems like I never leave! The best thing about the library is that it has 5 floors. There are social floors in case you have group work or simply want to hang out with friends while you work, or quiet floors in case you need silence to work. There are also private study rooms on each floor that can be rented out. And don’t forget about the brew! Here you can get Starbucks coffee and snacks.
Most of the time there are plenty of open spots on all floors, but on week 10 you better get there early because it gets pretty full!..Good thing we have extended hours! 🙂

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