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Why complaining is pointless

I found this in my journal a couple days after an all-nighter. I don’t remember writing it, but it was in my handwriting, so there’s a slim chance that anyone else planted it there.

I figured that it’s worth sharing. Some stuff had to be cut out for personal reasons, but overall, I have a tendency to make sense without being aware of it during the wee hours of the morning.

Repetitively acknowledging troubles doesn’t scare them away. I have too much responsibility for the luxury of personal problems.

Rage poisons the soul. Mine feels polluted [when I go on a rant]. Happiness is too young to die.

Explanation: I haven’t been doing too well lately, but things have been turning up (for the most part). As my drive to study has gone up, the indifference to myself and social life has as well. I simply can’t find the logic behind unloading my problems on anyone anymore. The only reason I’m writing about this here is that I highly doubt anyone reads my blog due to the change in the CampusNet layout.

Aw well.. just 2 more weeks and I’ll be chillin’ back home with no monsters in the form of 8-page papers, greeks, or arrogant balding men to fight off.

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