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“Without the bitter the sweet isn’t as sweet”

Last week, my guinea pig Coco, who lived at home, passed away unexpectedly. Even with age, losing a beloved pet doesn’t get any easier. Especially not while in college, since I’m not at home to be with my family. I’m just glad that my friends here are very supportive to get me through this time. When I left from Christmas Break, I told my black and white guinea pig I’d see her again soon (She’s the one at the bottom of the picture to the left). Sadly, I will never see her again. It just breaks my heart -you never know when it’ll be the last time you’ll see a pet or a person.

But as the title of this blog states, “without the bitter the sweet isn’t as sweet,”  you need the bad in your life to appreciate the good. Since guinea pigs don’t like to live alone, my family bought a new guinea pig that I got to name (as pictured on the right). This is Peanut, the newest addition to our family. Although she will never replace Coco, we never would have met her had we not been looking for another guinea pig. If you want to check out the song this blog post is named after, click here for a great song by Mayday Parade.

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