A window inside life at Augustana College

All the many pains D:

I have sticky notes scattered all over my desk and the surrounding walls with the formerly-sticky ones littering the floor; my English professor is expecting a 5 page draft and annotated bibliography in roughly 15 hours and reading I have no way of attaining on my own; mounds of assigned reading need to be covered; aches and a potential ear infection plague my body from undernourishment and lack of sleep…

and all I’m doing is listening to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, wondering about how many women lament at the fact that they have absolutely no chance with Neil Partick Harris.

If you have time that you’re willing to spare or feel like procrastinating on something, check it out. The budget was just over $200,000 and it’s rather beautiful. Act 1a b  Act 2a b  Act 3a b

Also, I want to read more of Shakespeare’s work, mostly comedies. Maybe after this term. The interest started with Hamlet. I may talk about it on my radio show this Friday from 4-5. I’d recommend anyone to listen to it.

I’ll return to torturing myself now with this English paper.

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