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B.U.S. Meets Chicago!

As some of you might remember, a few months back I talked about one of my favorite clubs on campus, Beta Upsilon Sigma, also known as Business Club. BUS is a great organization to join in you plan on going into the world of business. We meet every other week for about an hour and have speakers come in and tell us about their degree in Business and how they’ve used it since graduating. Most importantly, we go on two annual trips, one to St. Louis and the other to Chicago.
I really enjoyed both of these trips and feel that I’ve learned a lot. It’s not the same having someone tell you what they do for a living than actually getting to see them do it. The St. Louis trip was great, but the Chicago one was way better. I don’t see myself ever moving to St. Louis, Chicago on the other hand, is more reasonable.
We left campus at about 7 in the morning, the first stop was to be Soldier Field, most might recognize this as being the home of the Chicago Bears. We received a tour that gave us access to several exclusives such as visitor’s locker rooms and private suites.
After we left we were given about 2 hours for lunch. During this time we all went our separate ways and explored the city. The group that I was with decided to eat at Macy’s on state, which I just have to say is absolutely Beautiful! After lunch we were to meet at JP Morgan/Chase Bank. Here were heard from people in various departments about what it is that they do for the company as well as what one should do to prepare for a job in their company.
When we left Chase it was time to check into the hotel. We stayed at the Embassy Suites which was great. 17 floors and free breakfast in the morning, who can complain? Oh, and happy hour for those who were over 21. :] After happy hour we left for Goose Island.
Goose Island is a bar that brews its beer. It isn’t only sold there, but also in stores. We got see what is used to make it and how it all works. The person who gave us the tour happened to be an Augie grad, and believe it or not, a Business Major! When the tour was done, it was time to sample the beer. This wasn’t for everyone, just those who were of age. They were given 6 different flavors and as they tried each one, the tour guide explained a little bit about it.
Our business day ended at Goose Island. When we got back to the hotel we were given free time. Some decided to stay and just hang out and swim at the hotel while others decided to go out.
The following morning we had to be up bright and early because we had one final stop before coming back to Augie. We were going to the Chicago Trading Group. We were given so much information here that it was almost overwhelming.
On the days before the trip I almost didn’t go because I didn’t want to miss class, but I’m really glad I did. Not only did I learn a lot about what I plan on majoring in, but it was also a great experience. And I got to meet a lot of new people. When I got on the bus I felt like I had never seen more than half the people that were going on the trip. Now that I’ve been back it seems like I see these people everywhere, I guess I just never noticed them before!

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