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Mr. Augustana & WAUG Fest

My first weekend back at school was pretty much fantastic. On Friday night, the Chi Alpha Pi sorority hosted Mr. Augustana. Basically it’s like a male beauty pageant. There is a talent portion, swimsuit wear, and Q&A. What was really cool was this year, they had last year’s winner (Carl) do his talent again. Out of the three years I’ve been here, Carl’s talent probably the most memorable. He signed the song Telephone by Lady Gaga. If you want to, you can see Carl’s performance here. This year for the talent portion, there was singing, juggling,aerobics, and baton twirling. I haven’t been able to find any videos from the winner for this year, but I’ve linked a video of the person who I thought should have won here. I was surprised the guy who juggled didn’t make it past the first round because he was amazing!

Saturday was super crazy for me. I started out my day by talking to prospective students for Augustana’s Scholarship Competition who were interested in Political Science. I always enjoy talking about my polisci classes and my time spent in D.C. Then I had initiation for Omicron Delta Kappa. Finally, I ended my night with the first ever WAUG Fest. This was probably the highlight of my weekend. Since it was WAUG week here at Augustana, we decided to end this week with a bang. For WAUG Fest, we (WAUG staff) essentially got a group of student performers together and broadcasted it live on the WAUG website.

Since we had been planning this for such a short period of time, I was amazed at how it all pulled together. It was a blast and at one time, we had about sixty people in Brew by the Slough! The performers were all really good and I learned a lot of people on WAUG’s staff have hidden talents. I’m so proud of all the rest of the staff members who worked together to get this event to run smoothly. I can’t wait till the next one! 

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