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The Move

So, remember how I was living in a lounge in Westerlin? What my first blog post was about? Well, right before break, one of my roommates and I moved to a permanent room in Seminary residence hall. I now have two roommates, instead of three like I used to, and I really, really love living in Seminary (Seminary is located in the same building as the Admissions office, I actually live above it).

Interestingly, my room in Seminary is actually two, like a little apartment. There’s a separate bedroom and study room/living room, which is really convenient. If someone wants to sleep while the others are still studying, they can go into the bedroom, shut the door and not be bothered by light or noise. The second room also gives us a little privacy if we need it. Having two rooms also reduces the feeling that we’re living in a dorm, it’s like having a tiny studio apartment (minus bathroom and kitchen, of course).

The best thing about living in Seminary, though, is the fact that I can actually have conversations with the people on my floor. Surprisingly, I knew quite a few people on this floor from classes and work before I even moved, but I’ve met many more. I always heard that the Seminary community was a lot more close-knit than any other residence hall, mainly because Seminary itself is so small, but I now see how true that was. People here are really nice, friendly and welcoming. I have random conversations with people I meet in the bathroom, and if I prop my door open, passersby will stick their heads in to say hi. It’s also quite nice to be closer to everything and not have to walk across campus to class.

The only downside of living in Seminary–no in-house cafeteria. Especially now that it’s winter, it’s a bit of a hassle to have to bundle up just to go get dinner, but even that isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Since Seminary is on a hill, I get a great view of the buildings of Rock Island in the distance, and the College Center isn’t that far away.

All in all, as Ronald McDonald would say, “I’m lovin’ it.”

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