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Winter Break: The Little Things and Procrastination

Winter break at Augie is literally just that–a break.  At most colleges, it’s a time to relax before a fresh new start.  At Augie, it’s a short period to briefly relax and procrastinate on the homework you have due right when you return.  Although winter break passed a bit too quickly (don’t worry, I still love Augie,) it really made me appreciate the little things in life.

Complete free time.  If you are a college student, you’re probably thinking “Free time?  What is this?”  Free time is being able to take a bubble bath without a care in the world.  It’s being able to lay in bed and watch Moulin Rouge without worrying about upcoming research papers.  It’s being able to sleep past lunch time and not stressing about it cutting into your schedule.  In simpler terms, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Being with friends.  While I’ve made some absolutely wonderful friends at Augie, college really does make me miss and appreciate my friends that I can’t physically be with for weeks, and even months, at a time.  Sitting in a parked car in the middle of a gravel road just to stargaze.  Eating my weight in oreo balls and homemade crab rangoon on New Year’s Eve.  Talking for what seems like forever in a hot tub in the middle of winter.  Although I didn’t travel to a tropical island or roadtrip across the country during winter break, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Spending time with family.  I love my family, and I always have, but I think everyone can agree with me when I say that college makes you appreciate your family so much more.  A lot of my break was spent just lying on the floor talking to my family about the most random topics, and I’m perfectly okay with that.  My family’s there for me through every little mishap in my life, even when they can’t physically be with me.  And even though I used to basically think that I would be fine not seeing them for long periods of time, I actually get excited to go home.

One of the little things during break I didn’t love so much was my fantastic procrastination skills.  Starting back up after winter break with only five weeks left in the term isn’t the greatest thought in the world, but it’s reality for an Augustana student.  The last few days of break was mainly spent trying to push myself to research, start thinking about final projects, and completing assignments–while making time for watching TV and aimless internet using, of course.  It didn’t help that sickness decided to introduce itself to me during the end of my break and beginning of Week 6 at Augie, either.

Augie, I love you and all, but winter break was a giant tease.  I’m ready for a real fresh start.  Bring on spring break and spring term.

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