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When Decepticons Attack and Delete Your iTunes

This is a public service announcement to all students:



Recently, I had an epic battle with those evil alien robots, the Decepticons, that have invaded my computer. They have been causing all kinds of mischieve like crashing my laptop, deleting important files that may or many not hold the cure to cancer,  and (most importantly) DESTROYING MY ITUNES. It is understandable to get frustrated when you have to rewrite a paper because foolishness caused you to not save  in two places, but having to start from scratch on itunes is SO MUCH WORSE. If you have ever reached into your pocket for your room keys only to realize that they are gone and after 3 hours of scouring the campus they are nowhere to be found then you know what losing your music feels like. Your stomach becomes a endless abyss of worry, anger and self-loathing.

I not only had to do  this, but I had to rewrite several papers right before break. If you think that your computer is safe just because the only places you ever go on the internet are Facebook, your email, and pintrest, you are SORELY mistaken. Hardware problems happen all the time. So next time you go to delete those emails that you get from ITS telling you to save in multiple places because your academic career might depend on it – just think of your itunes.

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