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Reflecting on 2011

I can’t believe the year is almost over.  It’s been an exciting year full of firsts and a few emotional breakdowns.  I’m more than halfway through my college career…which is both exciting and scary at the same time.

Here are the highlights (both good and bad) of 2011:

February: I changed my major from CSD (Communication Sciences & Disorders) to Communication Studies.  It was a trying time filled with tears, talking to a lot of professors, and finding a major that was right for me.  I realized that anatomy and science courses weren’t for me.  I have a love for writing and am so happy to be a communications major now.  Changing majors isn’t easy but over 60% of students change majors.  Surprising, isn’t it?  I don’t regret changing my major and am looking forward to a career in public relations 🙂

June/July: After years of dreaming, my wish came true.  I got to travel to the wonderful country of France (check out my previous blog post)!!!  It was an experience of a lifetime.  I made friends from all over the world and did things I never imagined I would be able to do.  I already can’t wait to go back!  I made a really good friend from Sweden and she wants to come visit me over spring break!!

Those are the 2 biggest things I can think of that happened in 2011 (I thought the list would be longer).  I also went to my friend’s wedding, got an apartment with my best friend, and created countless memories (along with a million laughs) with my family and friends.  To check out Augie’s year in review click here  http://www.augustana.edu/yearinreview/basic.html

I hope 2011 was a great year for you and 2012 is even better 🙂

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