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Soooo the reason I haven’t really blogged is because taking 4 classes sucks. Haha just kidding, but really it’s a TON of work, so I’m super duper busy.

Anywho IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I love Christmastime because it entails eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, curling up on the couch with my kindle, and literally nothing else. My brain definitely needed this break! I also love Christmastime because it always smells really good. Also, who knew that Christmastime would not set off the spell check? Because it doesn’t, which I find really weird. Why does Christmaslike set it off while Christmastime doesn’t? And obviously you people can’t see the little red squiggles so this is all pointless…

But the sad thing about Christmas is that after midnight on December 25, it’s all over. Everything Christmasy (again, squiggles) is now forbidden, because “it’s not Christmastime anymore.” Well I propose that we make Christmastime YEAR ROUND FOREVER!!! Haha, just kidding. But really, consider it. 😉

Happy Holidays!

<3 Jess

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