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Feeding a cold

So I realize that being away from home has made me more susceptible to illness. So far I’ve gotten an odd rash on my neck and a killer cold (or at least that’s what I’m assuming it is). I hate how pathetic a cold makes me feel.
My sneezes are high pitched
after sneezing a lot, my left eye waters
I sniffle at least once every 3 minutes
tissues and a bottle of hand sanitizer must be with me at all times
ice cream is a no-no
it always sounds like I’m going to cry

One thing I love about being back home is getting babied. One thing I hate about being back home is getting babied.
By this, I mean my mom gets all this stuff to help make me feel better and then insults my intelligence by acting surprised when I can translate what she says in Spanish.

Another grievance of this cold: my indifference at the quality of my writing. It doesn’t help that I have to stay up to put the finishing touches on a paper. Oh poo.

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