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Juggling aka Time-Management

Pardon me for this unusually long pause between posts, but this term so far has just been incredibly crazy. What with classes (obviously), required lectures and events to attend, a job (hurray! Finally!) and definitely more homework than last term, these five weeks have been kind of ridiculous so far. And I have another class coming up the second five weeks of term… Yay?

So, what better topic to talk about in this last post of 2011 (for winter break starts on Friday, and I won’t have any Augie news over break) than time-management.

I could just sum it up in two words for you: VERY IMPORTANT! You absolutely must, must, must learn how to mange your time and plan ahead in college. Because, with so much stuff going on, and no one to tell you to do homework or write papers or whatever, you have to do it all on your own.

How to manage your time, you ask? Well, today’s your lucky day!

1. Make lists, if that’s what floats your boat

In case you haven’t noticed, most of my blog posts tend to be lists, because they help me stay organized. I start out with so many ideas in my head, and then I make a list to make sure I don’t forget anything. And making lists is great to ensure you don’t forget anything. Really. But some people just don’t look at their lists, so there’s really no use making one if you don’t look at it.

Up above is a picture of one of my own lists from the end of last term (slightly outdated, yes). As you can see, I put everything on there, not just schoolwork. And it’s written on an Augustana College notepad!

2. Set up a sort of homework schedule for yourself

I just have a mental schedule for myself, not one that’s written out. But it helps me to know that it’s better to do my French homework on Monday night instead of Tuesday because I work on Tuesday. It definitely helps reduce stress and manage time. And try and finish as much homework as possible over the weekend, even if it’s only for a Tuesday-Thursday class. Weekends generally tend to be a lot less full for college students (unless, once in a while you have one like my last, which happened to be busier than the entire week), and I find that on weekends, I have enough time to finish homework, and goof off as well.

3. Try and spend as little time as possible on Facebook

Really, Facebook is awesome, and I love it, but it is solely responsible for most of the time I spend procrastinating. Just scrolling down my News Feed and figuring out what my friends have been up to in the last day or so takes at least half an hour. Think of it this way:

Less time on Facebook=more time sleeping

which actually brings me to my next point.

4. Sleep!

You laugh. College is the time for all-nighters, you say, but seriously, the more you sleep, the easier it will be for you to deal with a full schedule. Sleeplessness makes my brain feel fuzzy, makes me take about twice as long to get anything done, and makes me spend a lot more time procrastinating. Use your meal-points for something other than those ten cups of coffee a day. And though college is the time for late nights, it’s also the time for naps! With time between classes, between classes and meetings, and between meetings and presentations, there is ample time during the day for a quick snooze if you had to stay up particularly late the previous night.


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