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Halfway There.

The first few weeks of school, I was asked over and over again who I was. My reply was simple. I would say over and over again… “Hi! My name is Katie and I am an English Education major!”

Now that we have reached the halfway point of the school year, I have been thinking a lot about what I hope to be when I graduate and what I am going to declare my major as. Only problem is… I don’t know the answer anymore. I do not know who I am. Actually, I don’t see it as a problem. It is more of a blessing. A blessing that Augustana has brought me.

I took two years of journalism in high school. I had an amazing teacher! She taught me so much and my interest in journalism grew! As soon as the Observer sent out e-mails about coming to write, I signed-up right away.

I discovered that I was actually a pretty good writer and I had so much fun doing it. I learned so many different things and was able to meet so many interesting people. It was unbelievable. Seeing my name in the paper with the words “Observer Reporter” under it, brought smiles to my face each and every week. Well that and the check that was delivered to my mailbox.
I also started working at WAUG. I have so much fun with my co-host Alyssa. The show has helped me get out of my shy bubble and have fun and TALK! Which, I love to do! I also get to play some amazing music and interview some great bands that no one knows about!!

When choosing classes for winter term, I picked both MJMC and English classes. Actually I only have 1 English and 2 MJMC.
I find myself dreading my American Literature class. But, I love my Advertising Influence and Multimedia Reporting class. Both of which are MJMC requirements!

I see myself doing this. I see myself living in the city and writing. I see myself taking pictures and being happy. I see myself being successful and having people know my name. I see my pictures being shown to the entire country and my headlines being read by millions. I know that reporting is a hard business to get into. Though, I also know that Augustana can help me. There are so many newspapers around the Quad Cities and I know that there will be no problem with finding help and getting an internship. Augustana has so many different organizations to help with things like that!

I have had an interest with journalism ever since I sat in Miss. Miers’s class my junior year. But Augustana has truly shown me that journalism is my passion and my future.

I know that I will be disappointing a lot of people when I choose MJMC over English. I don’t want to do that. BUT… from now on… when I get asked who I am… I plan to reply with…
“Hi! I am Katie and I am a Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication major!”

p.s. Lucky for me… that Literature class is also a perspective!
p.s.s. Listen to Eargasm on Saturday Nights 9-11pm 😀

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