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A field trip in College?

I always thought field trips were for only for elementary school, junior high and high school. Certainly not college. I was glad I was wrong. Last Friday, our LC class took a trip to Springfield, IL to see Lincoln’s house, the Lincoln museum and the old state capitol. It was really fun! I love going to museums and learning about history, so this pretty perfect. I’ve gone to the Lincoln museum before when I was visiting the University of Illinois at Springfield, but I had never actually been in Lincoln’s house before. I’ve decided that one of my life goals is to see every single presidential house, of some sort. Three down, only 41 more to go.

We left around 7:30am on a charter bus, which was pretty cool, given we didn’t have to pay for the field trip. A little bit too early for my tastes, especially since we had to watch a movie on the way there. I don’t function until 10am, so that was a bit rough.

I would say my favorite part about seeing presidential houses is seeing actual items that the president touched. I got to see Lincoln’s actual desk he sat and wrote speeches at. And when we were in the museum, I got a picture with Lincoln! My favorite part about the whole entire trip was going to Old Chicago pizza for dinner. I’ve never actual had pizza there before, just calzones, and their crust was delicious!

We got home around 8pm. I honestly didn’t know that you could go all the way to Springfield and back in a day. I would recommend going there some time if you haven’t! It was an awesome way to end a super, super stressful week. For some reason, the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the worst weeks of the whole entire school year. (Probably because I left my brain at home)

To end this blog post, I have two links I want to share with you. These are very political YouTube clips but it makes me think: what would past presidents think about this issue?



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