A window inside life at Augustana College

How I goats taught me about life

Since I got accepted to Augie, I’ve been pretty sure of what I would major in once I got the chance to declare it. Oh, Leslie, how stupid you are…

Why is it that during your first few weeks at school, you’re asked what you want to major in. Everytime I had to introduce myself, I had to state my name, hometown, and major.  I don’t even know where I liked to study much less whether or not I can handle majoring in English and/or Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication; good grief, half of the time I had to focus on not tripping over the words.

Now that I’m taking classes in both English and MJMC, I’m tasting how tough it really gets. As a matter of fact, “how tough it gets” has taken the liberty of shoving itself in my mouth just so I really understand. The problem isn’t that I don’t understand the material, but that I can’t stay on top of the assignments. I try organizing, even giving color coding a shot, but dig myself in a hole regardless. Lately I’ve been giving myself minimal time to interact with other people and envy the amount of sleep my roommate is able to take in (going to bed before midnight and afternoon naps. hijo de la…)

The upside? Well, I learned that I was stupid to think that I had my life planned out before I even turned 18, and that admitting ignorance is just a part of growing up. This realization was affirmed by my discovery of the Maturity Climb. Yet again, I’ve learned that I know nothing.

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