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Christmastime is Here

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…what can I say, college life gets away from you!

I have good news…Christmas time is here! Let’s be honest, I started listening to Christmas music in the middle of November. I think that you have to start early to fully enjoy Christmas because it comes and goes so fast! Thanksgiving is a part of the Christmas season in my book, too. But it’s nice to have the rest of the world join me in my Christmas celebrations:) Now that it’s after Thanksgiving and we’re into December, the Christmas music is blaring and Christmas trees are popping up all over campus. Every single building or department has a Christmas tree, and there are lights and garland and all sorts of wonderful Christmas decorations everywhere. I absolutely love it!

I’m one of those die-hard Christmas people. I’m pretty much in a good mood all of December. But my family has this rule that we can’t put up Christmas decorations until after my dad’s birthday on December 12. I have always hated that rule, and continually tell my family that when I have my own house my Christmas decorations are going up right away! So it’s nice to be at Augie where Christmas decorations are up right after Thanksgiving:) The other night, my roommate and I decorated our dorm room and it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Tonight is the Christmas at Augustana Concert, the ultimate college Christmas concert. Almost the entire music department has been rehearsing all week, and we are ready to go (I hope!). There is a concert tonight at 8pm and one tomorrow at 4pm. So that will pretty much take up my weekend, along with homework. My family is coming tomorrow as well, so that should be a good time:)

I’ll leave you with a clip from my all-time favorite Christmas movie- A Charlie Brown Christmas.


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