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3 break…4 break…3 break!

It’s been a while since my last blog. Last time I did this, I had just registered for winter term classes and was about to go on fall break.
Many things have happened since then. I had expected winter term to be pretty much just like fall term, but was I wrong! There is a big difference between taking 3 or 4 classes. Fall term it seemed like I always had free time, which gave me plenty opportunities to catch up on sleep and take naps! :] This term, not only am I busier with classes, but I’m also working Augie Phonaton which leaves me with very little free time. Although things are pretty hectic this term, I planned it out this way for a reason.
Most people here at the Augie take 3 classes fall term, 4 winter term, and 3 spring term. I now understand why. We get two breaks during the term which allows for us to not get too overwhelmed. We had only been 2 weeks into the term when we got a four day weekend for Thanksgiving. We started back this week and we’re going to go for 3 weeks and then get 3 weeks off for Christmas break. If you ask me, that’s pretty awesome! The only negative of this is that we will have some homework during break, but it shouldn’t be too bad. After we get back from break we will go for 5 weeks and then get another week off. Although our breaks don’t match up with other schools, how many schools can say that they get as many breaks as we do?..Not many!
So for those still deciding on a school for next year, take into consideration how you would like your classes broken up, 4-5 classes per semester for 18 weeks?..or 3-4 classes for 10 weeks?

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