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Straight Dope: a discovery about sleep

note: I realize a good amount of my posts are about sleep; there is a very good reason for this (I LOVE IT).

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Last night while putting off my class work, like always, I came across The Straight Dope, which is quite dope. It’s basically a site where you can ask any question and almost always get an answer. He claims to know all and willing to answer any question. Seriously. If you can muster up a question he isn’t willing to answer, then you’d better turn yourself in to the police.

I won’t go into detail but I found one asking why we need to sleep and found it eye opening (pun partially intended). This is why:

According to one study, short sleepers (six hours or less per night) are well-organized, efficient, ambitious, decisive, and self-confident — in other words, totally obnoxious. This suggests the real function of sleep is to let the short sleepers get the jump on the rest of us. Next time your lids get heavy, therefore, think: the short sleepers are out there, smirking.

Recently, I’ve been sleeping less on a regular basis and have been able to get by without even so much as an afternoon nap or coffee. Miraculous, I know. So according to Cecil Adams this is the path to greatness (I think) The problem is, I like sleep. Like, a LOT. So greatness or sleep? I hate choices.

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