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To whomever reads my blog,

I apologize for the shortage of posts in the past month. With saying that, we’ll pick up from what I’ve been up to at Augie the last few weeks.

Going all the way back to fall break, I enjoyed it. I stayed on campus because of football and loved every minute of it. Now, with the season being over, my life consists of School, lifting/working out, and sleep… Basically in that order. I have been busy applying for jobs and for internships that I am interested in now, and for the summer. It’s crazy to think that the school year isn’t even halfway over and I, along with many other students, are preparing our resumes and cover letters for summer. I recently applied for a sports columnist job at the local news paper (the Dispatch/Argus), and hopefully will be hearing back from them soon. I originally thought I wanted to be a sports/news broadcaster, but now am exploring both sides of the spectrum. As a college student that is what you need to do, dabble in every area to see what you like. I currently have an internship with KWQC TV 6 covering high school sports. During football season I covered games every friday night with them and with basketball season underway I’ll start covering those games as well.

I am finally getting into what I love to do. I couldn’t be happier with where my school year is going right now. I enjoy my reporting and MJMC courses and they are teaching me more than I ever thought I could learn. Like I said earlier, I’m trying to gain as much knowledge as possible now so I can apply it to my career later in life. A lot of people in the world think and dream of being a sports broadcaster. The difference in that, or any career for that matter,  is that you need to go out and do it. Talk means nothing in the fast pace world we live in today, there are hundreds upon thousands of people wanting the same thing or the same job, but only a few people get those jobs and have those careers. I’m not saying that no one will succeed, I’m saying only those who give it their all will succeed. So… Give life your all, chase your dreams, and do what you love.


Thanks for reading, enjoy your week.


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