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A Tribute

I’ve meant to post this for quite a while now; before I catch up with anything else, I wish to halt all other thoughts and dedicate this particular post to a certain overshadowed student organization! It might be helpful to garner more publicity considering the recent decline of members due to school schedules becoming far more rigorous for the winter term (which has probably been a familiar dilemma for many of you).

The Dance Dance Revolution Club (DDR Club) has provided more for me here as a freshman than most other student organizations I happen to be part of so far. We’re like a camaraderie of individuals with far-differing interests yet similar mindsets and emotions. I get along with the entirety of the club, and the 8:30pm Monday meetings… well, they make my Mondays pleasant and indescribable, and the rest of my week runs more smoothly with the lingering sensation of familiarity and friendship draped over me like a warm, comforting blanket.

We meet in Olin 305, and I’m aware that most students here are practically oblivious to the existence of a DDR Club–but we do, in fact, exist! And it’s wonderful.

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