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Rest in peace, my dear Georgie.

On November 21st, I notice at approximately 11 am that my pet betta fish, Georgie, isn’t moving; I flushed him off to a better place.

I don't have any good pictures of him, but this is basically what he looked like

At about 12:30 am that same day, I cleaned his bowl (which is actually a cube) to try to make him feel better because he seemed really down. After I cleaned his cube and put him back, he swam a little bit, then surfaced and staying ghastly still. I poked and shifted his cube every now and again to make sure he wasn’t dead. I seriously didn’t realize how ready he was for death until Monday morning.. though now I wonder if he wasn’t just trying to escape…

What if I’m Darla the fish killer and Georgie is Nemo; could he have faked his death just to get flushed down the toilet and be set free? Either way, I’m not upset. If he really is alive, I’d be proud to had been the owner of such a clever fish.

I have to say that not having him here is depressing. Waking up to a dead fish generally makes for a lousy day. I just want to go home and sulk in the presence of family because the site of an empty fish cube doesn’t make me feel any better.

I mean look at this! It's like a reminder of how lousy of a caretaker I am!

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