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Haven’t blogged in forever! :(

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have not blogged in forever, the last of the term, fall break, and beginning this term left me busy what felt like all the time! I am assuming that everyone finished the last term alive, and had a nice fall break! One thing I really wish would change is that school would start a little later in the summer, then we could have the two weeks off for Thanksgiving break. Not that I don’t love having two breaks, because I do, but when all of my friends from home are off of school, it really makes me completely unmotivated to do anything school related whatsoever!
Getting into the first of this term is hard, especially since Thanksgiving break is literally right around the corner!
A good thing about all these breaks though, is how fast the first five weeks of the term go since we have three breaks in a row!
I feel like I am rambling now, so I am going to go. Please reply if you are doing anything fun or exciting over Thanksgiving break, I would love to hear about it!


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