A window inside life at Augustana College

The Multitude of Nerddom

Augustana has never ceased to amaze me with its multitude of clubs offered to students. Recently I was called to appear in a photo for the Augustana website that had the presidents of new student organizations in it. We were asked to bring a prop that represented our organization so that we could be identified when prospective students looked at the picture. Being my photogenic and socially awkward self, I wore Hogwarts robes and then proceeded to make a complete fool out of myself during the passing period by speaking in a high-end English accent and waving a twig at passers-by. Needless to say this caused students to look at me like I was an escaped crazy. This is no different from any other day, I guess.

But what struck me as amazing was the variety of groups that we now have on campus. Who knew that we had a Ukulele club or an organization that celebrated Heavy Metal? I certainly didn’t! Many students who are very new to the college experience or who are deciding which university to attend often think that there is nothing to do on campus except join a Greek group or student council. While both of these things are wonderful ways to get involved in campus activities and get to know new people, they aren’t the end all be all of college groups. We have groups on campus like Gaming club (devoted to all games that aren’t video games), Anime Club (fairly obvious what that means), Quidditch (of course), and now there is even a Cooking Club!

I truly feel that the student who comes to Augustana with the intention of keeping their head down and not being distracted by student groups is missing out on one of the greatest opportunities that a person can only have at college: the chance to meet people who are just as nerdy as you are, who share the same interests, and who can help you grow as a person. Never will you get another chance to be involved in something like you do when you are at college. Who needs to go backpacking to discover themselves when they can just browse the Student Organizations catalogue.

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