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Learning Communities aka Augustana loves Alicia

Words cannot even express how much I love my learning community “The American presidency in times of crisis: Politics and rhetoric” this term. For those of you who don’t know a learning community, or LC is, it’s two separate classes (that tie into each other) taught by two different professors, with the same students. The great news is my learning community only has one project between these two classes. AND we get to go on a field trip to Springfield, IL. Some students also get their LC completed by studying abroad, but I’m glad I’m taking mine during school.

My LC combines my two loves in life: politics, particularly American politics, and communication, particularly rhetorical criticism. The funny thing is this completely reminds me of the format of a class I took in high school. It was history and english combined together with two different teachers. I absolutely adored that class! While I was a little hesitant at first, I’m so glad that Augustana makes students take LCs. However, one class topic brings up a rather interesting question.

For the past week or so in the rhetoric class of this LC, we’ve been talking about President Obama’s speech on the debt crisis. Now, this past summer, I lived through Congress’ attempt to solve the debt crisis. I lived and breathed debt ceiling for about two weeks. It’s rather interesting talking about something in class that you lived through. I was on the receiving end of when the President told the American people to call their Congressman. I handled the phone calls and emails. I heard people express their opinion about the bills that came through the House. I actually watched the House debate the debt ceiling. While Augustana may prepare you for life, what prepares you to learn about something you lived through? Don’t get me wrong, I love this class and this topic. I somehow don’t have the same enthusiasm for a subject after I lived through it. Learning about it seems rather…dull. Luckily, most of my LC is about the past, so I won’t experience this too often (if ever again). Later this weekend, I promise a blog about our trip to Springfield this Friday!

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