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New Term, New Topics, New Stress

By the end of Fall Term, I was more than ready to be home. By the end of break, I was more than ready to be back. My relationship with college is definitely a love-hate one. This term I am taking French 331: Introduction to French Literature, Psychology 100: Introduction to Psychology, Honors 122: Seeking Logos, and English 270: Writing About Literature.

In just one week I have grown an appreciation for poetry as an art, not just as some confusing writer expressing their feelings in a ridiculous way. And since I am analyzing literature in two different languages, I have also come to appreciate English Poetry and French Poetry for different reasons but if they are alike at all I would say that they both have one similar element–that every piece and sound and syllable contributes to the overall meaning. Just like in a painting where every brush stroke reflects some sort of emotion. I am by no means a master of poetry nor do I plan to be. However, I see poetry in a new light which is inspiring and makes me less apprehensive when approaching the subject matter.

One of my personal interests that has always captured me is science and religion. Of course, Augustana has given me the opportunity to study one of my own passions in an academic setting through the Honors Program. In a future blog, I will go into detail about the Honors Program, from the Logos perspective. (Another blogger has already done this through the Foundations Perspective.)

While all of my classes are extremely interesting for different reasons, I feel a little overwhelmed. This term will be long but hopefully my interests in the topics will keep me going so I can persevere through the stresses that lie ahead in Winter Term.

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