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Week 1: Done

So… after an awesome fall break (two visits to my high school, and one book signing by Christopher Paolini), it was strange getting back here. Week 1 was… vaguely unsettling. I guess I like my routine and I had it all figured out by the end of last term. And then everything changed. Different times for classes (though my Foundations class is at the same time and with the same people as last term, and my French class has the same people), new syllabi, new assignments, new professors. Oh, and one of my roommates moved out of the lounge to Andreen, so there are only three of us in the room now. I’ve also had training for a new job (I’ve finally got one, thank goodness).

A WORD TO THE WISE: If you’re on work-study, fill out your job applications as soon as possible, otherwise you won’t have a job for all of fall term. I speak from experience.

So basically, Week 1 has been, as I said, vaguely unsettling. Also, clubs and stuff haven’t really started up yet, so I’ve also had too much free time. But this weekend promises to be fairly busy. Quidditch bonding night on Saturday (and that will probably go very late, because we cannot seem to hang out for less than eight hours at a time), wake up on Sunday and go to work for four hours, then a potluck Thanksgiving dinner with Alpha Psi, the theatre frat (and I have to figure out a time to go to Hyvee and pick up some soda for that). Oh, and homework. There is that minor detail.

So basically, nothing very exciting happened this week–no epiphanies, no deep boredom, just regular Week 1 stuff. See you next week, with some (hopefully) more interesting stuff to report!

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