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Getting Paid…to Talk!?

When I first came to campus I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work or not. Being a first year, I decided to wait and see how classes went and then decide whether or not I could handle it. Fall term was a little stressful at times but overall it went fine and I also had a lot of free time. Due to this I decided that I could handle school and a job. I figured that I would try to find a job at the library or food service, a typical first year job. This would have probably been the case if it weren’t for an e-mail I received a couple of weeks ago.
This e-mail was to inform students about the AugiePhonaton. What it is, is a program in which students contact Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Augustana and ask for “gifts” for our school. These are monetary gifts that help contribute to scholarships, technology, and many other things. I immediately applied! After 2 interviews I was told I had gotten the job!
Our calling period hasn’t officially started, but I am very excited! Training has been going well and it seems like it will be an interesting job. And how many people get to say that they’re getting paid to talk on the phone?

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