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Just a note before you you read this post, its long and I’m more than likely making up half of it as it has been a week since the events I’m about to talk about.  Oh well, it should be worth it, I half promise you. If you read til the end and decide that I have wasted time in your life, all I have to say is that I warned you. 🙂  Also any errors you find, blame the bandaids on my fingers, I attempted to donate blood and I failed….

Anything I say that is wrong, oops!! Anyone feel free to correct me.

Also, its been freaking forever. I will make another update about the inbetweens, but NACA was funn =D.

If you have read my blog blurb or know me in ‘real life’ then you know I am involved in The Office of Student Activities.  Well OSA has three subgroups, Greek Life, CUBOM, and MPB.  I work for MPB, which is the Multicultural Programming Board.  CUBOM  (which is some incredibly long acronym (The College something… IUNNO I’m not part of CUBOM >.<))  and MPB plan events for everyone to attend, everything from Fall Connection, Comedy Night, Live on Campus, to The White Privilege Summit, all of which are free to the students! And its easy to be involved with OSA!

In order to provide Augie with all these wonderful shows, CUBOM and and MPB go to NACA (National Association for Campus Activities). NACA has everyone from Music Artists to Magicians. (I dont know the extremes, but they have a lot of talent there.) We go, watch the acts, and gather everyone’s information so that as a group (family) we can decide who to bring next year to Augie!

Last Thursday we left Augie at 8a.m. to Kentucky.  The drive was going to take about seven hours, so we have a long ride ahead of us.  Nothing exciting happened, for the most part.  We stopped half way through to eat lunch at Pizza Hut, which was okay, as a college student, I can honest say I hate pizza.  However because I’m not going to complain and I didn’t offer anywhere better, I sat and ate my food!  We took off soon after and only stopped again for gas.

Now, because OSA is a FAMILY we played a little trick on the other van!  I was lucky enough to be riding in the “lead van” and not the other.  After passing Indianapolis, the other Van passed as up and we decided to let them, however, it would not be forgotten! About an hour out of Kentucky we approached an exit for Kentucky and A.J. switched lanes and left his right turning signal to show we were exiting.  Because we were behind the other van, they moved into the right lane and entered the exit. However, this was not our exit… we waved goodbye to the van as they went in the wrong direction.  Emily and Shannon texted the other van, “Looks like we’ll be reaching Covington first!”

We are definitely a family!  We reached our hotel about thirty minutes later after hitting traffic.  The second van wasn’t to far behind us, which was a good thing seeing as how Dinner was next on our agenda.  We ate dinner, and as much as I loved NACA, the dinner wasn’t amazing, but I guess in their defense serving 600+ people is tough.  After dinner we mentally and physically prepared ourselves for Camp.  Now, Camp is where all the musicians, comedians, magicians, and everyone else is at.  Its a mad house but everyone is really nice and its amazing how talented everyone is! Because I can see this being a crazy long blog post, I will just break it up and give summaries of the events, performs and anything I deemed funny on the trip.

Camp – Because Augie is amazing and we’re intelligent, we spent the first hour of camp giving all the performs gifts and thanking them for being at NACA.  This is helpful for the next time we come around because the next time we come around we ask for samples, forms, or anything they are will to give us so that we can take it back to Augie and review it in our respective subgroups.  Both of these take time so while everyone else at NACA is having fun and whatnot, Augie students are working, however, this ends up working to our advantage.  The next six times we have Camp, we get to let loose and have fun checking everyone out and taking our time doing so!  By Saturday all the other schools are rushing to get their stuff done and what are Augie students doing, getting their pictures drawn!  I spent most of my time talking to Panama Soweto, who I swear I’m going to bring back to Augie before I graduate. (I saw him last year and he is AMAZING)

Showcases –  These range in the genre of their shows, but I will mention all the ones I liked because… well its my blog, so ha! 🙂  At NACA we saw: The Black-Jew Dialogues, Eric O’Shea, Jim Tavare, Tig Notaro (coming to Augie Saturday), Arvin Mitchell, Austin Renfroe, Baby Wants Candy, Gabriela Garcia Medina, Honest John, Mayhem Poets, Natalie Stovall, Mal Hall, The Bergamot, and Erin Sparks (who did not perform, but I thought she was good when I talked to her!).  I know I’m missing alot of people because I’m positive there was more than that, but the ones I mentioned were pretty good and you should check them out…on youtube or something.

Hotel –  The hotel was pretty nice, nothing too interesting happened, however we were in the room and while we were there we saw a “crime scene” outside the window! I dunno what really happened, but it looked interesting and it sounds cooler if I call it a crime scene.

Thats pretty much it, I have written a ton as it is and I have stuff to do! I will write again soon, I promised my roommate I would write a blog just for her.  So if you have any questions about my wonderful amazing trip to NACA, let me know!

Toodles Poodles :)

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